E-E-E-Electric Kitsch (and May)!

Wow, May already! First off is a nice proper show of my Royal Navy Commander for Ammo Magazine’s Poop Deck Project. I’m really happy to also say that he sold on the Opening night – yeahh! The Opening night was PACKED, rum-filled and abundant with talent (check them all out HERE).

Highlight – you’ve got to have a look at fellow Poop Decker Oat Montien‘s art, it’s crazy good, really beautiful yet slightly creepy – he has a show running currently in The Book Club until 14th July. He’s created some rather unique eerie illustrations intertwined with literature.

Not to forget, here’s my card:



In other news, the clothing brand I’m cofounder of, Y.h Clothing got itself some snazzy new tags and a place in a shop in East London called Electric Kitsch! Woo! So, our bags, tees and in-store exclusive cushions are now available to buy in a real shop!! Exciting stuff haha. 


                                                         - Y.h Clothing’s tees! -



                                                       - Y.h Clothing’s tote bags -

If you have free time or live nearby, please do swing by for a look – Electric Kitsch stocks all sorts of arty crafty talent~. As always, keep updated with the going-ons at Y.h via our Facebook page and on our Twittarrr.


And now, I’m working on the next art show held by the art collective that I’m a part of, The Drawn Chorus Collective (there are a lot of links in this post…) So, hopefully I’ll be putting up posts of art and other things about that at some point.


And I leave you with a photo of me and Alex Moore from Poop Deck!



Hahaha. Swing by her pages (this one and that one) to have a look at her character and her work. Her pieces for Rumpus are def worth a look at! 



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End of April…

Yeah, great blog title…

First off, Ammo Magazine’s Poop Deck exhibition is just around the corner! The exhibition consists of over 50 Illustrators (including the rather crazy Alex Moore), where everyone has put together a deck of cards with an unusual twist to the normal Heart, Spade, Diamond and Ace, by replacing them with maritime characters, myths, legends and popular culture.

Here’s a preview of my card, The Redcoat Commander.


Left shows my initial sketches – mainly working on his face and on the right is the final sketch I based my final drawing on. The Opening night is next Tuesday 30th. Come check it out! Here’s the facebook event page, can’t wait to see all the art and everyone there!

YEAH YEAH Y.h – Also, in terms of the clothing brand I mentioned that I’ve co-founded with my twin sister, we’ve been working non-stop on it and I’m relieved happy to announce that Y.h’s SS’13 Collection is nearly ready and will launch this coming Friday!!


Keep updated by following us on FACEBOOKTWITTER or TUMBLR.

On a final note, here’s an illustration I did recentlyyyy


Drinking soup? Hope the weather stays warm now…


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March marching on…

It was my birthday (and my twin, Eileen‘s) a few days ago. I went Korea Town in New Malden with friends, it was my first time out there, and wow, it was confusing working out which trains to take…”Strawberry Hill” what an awesome train stop :-V

Anyway, I got a fabulously big cookie with my name on it (alongside other things, thanks guysss)!!! -which was pretty special and a great eat haha we ate it on the train, to the amusement of many.

Here’s a photo 



In terms of art, exciting news! I’m going to be a part of an upcoming show by the Ammo magazine (cheers, Alex Moore - check out her page!). YEAH! Below are some illustrations showing my character designing-ness that I sent along to the organiser haha I drew a chauffeur and a Japanese Fisherman…yes. Quite happy actually.


And I’ll update again with more info on this project as it comes along.

‘Til then.


Happy Year of the Snake!

Chinese New Year passed by last Sunday and I spent it with family eating tons and playing cards! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Right now, I’m mainly working on tshirt designs for Y.h, but I got some time to colour an old drawing I did back when I was looking at Egon Schiele for inspiration. Below…based on one of his self-portraits.



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Curiouser and Curiousererer er

Just recently, I was a part of an art show called ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ at The Curious Duke Gallery with 18 other artists, which ran from 24th to 30th January 2013.

Here’s my piece for the show and myself below


Yah. I wanted something psychedelic with loads of colour, people and stuff flying about. Thus, this Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – “No room! No room!” was created.

It started off on A3 paper, but it just got bigger and bigger as I wanted to add in more and more. So in the end, it became A1! I then coloured it digitally in Adobe Photoshop using a tablet.

Here are some work in progress screenshots




ImageMy work space here on Photoshop. The final had over 40 layers…


And here are a few detail shots of the final piece.






To spice things up, here’s the initial design of the Hatter ↓


(He originally had fairly big eyes and wore a cardi)

The frog footman I drew for the show’s gorgeous window display


And an unfinished piece of Tweedledum and Tweedledee, which I scrapped ↓


You can find other artists’ work at the official page of the show, and at the Facebook album. Check it out, some works are still up for sale, including mine !

Hope that this got some people excited! Cheers for reading and lookingggg.

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Many warm welcomes to my blog.

If you found me from the Curiouser and Curiouser art exhibition that was held in the Curious Duke gallery from 24th-30th January 2013, I’d just like to say, HELLO AGAIN.


Watch this space for more art and ramblings from me.


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